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Appaiah Ballachanda

Appaiah Ballachanda

Founder | Wealth Manager

Appaiah Ballachanda never considered becoming a financial advisor. However, the struggle of a frustrated family member – upset that she couldn’t find an advisor willing to help her – made him wonder how many others were ignored, and how he could change that?

Appaiah wants to help you pursue your dreams. Three things set Appaiah apart from other financial advisers:

  1. Appaiah’s life experiences informs his family-first, global perspective. His boundless optimism is born from his journey as an immigrant, at age 32, from a region ruled by corruption, bribery, and a disregard for human life to the United States, where opportunity is available for the taking. He and his wife Julia have three children – two of whom are military families – and four grandchildren. As a husband, father, and grandfather, Appaiah understands the need to plan for both yours and your family’s future. 
  2. Appaiah’s broad professional experience informs his unique insights. Having worked in the Embassy of India in Washington, DC.; international shipping; banking; and the automotive industry – not to mention his dedication to a lifelong learning—Appaiah understands that money is typically a tool for many in their personal and professional pursuits, not the goal itself.
  3. Helping others pursue their goals is Appaiah’s life work. That purpose is why he opened Abacus Financial in Henrico, Virginia in 2015, and that’s what inspires him build a team of like-minded financial professionals who establish strong, trusting relationships with the people who serve. Appaiah carries those same values into volunteer work, where he is a proud, long standing member of the Rotary Club and other service organizations.

In his private time, when Appaiah is not sweating it out on a Bikram Yoga mat, you can find him and his wife with their beloved English pointers, sometimes competing in formal events.


Certified Financial Planner (CFP)