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Back to School and Work: How to Succeed at Both During the Pandemic

Back to School and Work: How to Succeed at Both During the Pandemic

August 31, 2020

With the new school year fast approaching, and coronavirus cases still continuing to rise many parents are growing concerned about what the upcoming school year will look like. For some schools, in-person learning is expected to happen, often with restrictions on times and days, and strict policies on illness. Others are using hybrid formats of online and in-person learning, while others have gone completely virtual. No matter which learning model, all parents will face the challenge of having to juggle their work-life with a much more unusual return to school. Looking for ways to make the transition a little easier? Consider following the tips listed below. 

Create a Routine

As simple as this sounds, creating a daily routine goes a long way towards gaining better control of the household and allowing it ot be more productive. Set bedtimes and wake times, as well as designated meal times. If children are learning virtually have them get ready as they would for school, instead of allowing them to stay in pajamas. The act of getting ready will make the transition from playtime to work time definitive. Also set times for parent work and study times for the children that need to be adhered to each school day. If part of the virtual learning process, the parent may need to find alternative times to work, such as evenings or when the children are asleep if their job allows. 

Set Defined Boundaries

With so much going on in the house, it is important to create designated areas designed for study, work, and play. Parents should setup an office area away from play areas and instruct children that the area is the same as it would be the workplace. If work is done all day use a system where the kids will know when your available such as putting up a busy sign when you can't be interrupted, and a not busy sign when it is ok for children to come in for a moment. If possible set up a children's study area that is away from their play and sleeping area so that they will better stay focused on tasks. 

Use Teamwork as Much as Possible

All family members need to work as part of a team. When both spouses are home, work out a work schedule, so that each one has time to work without interruption. It is also a good idea to share responsibility with the children as well by having them help around the home with simple chores. To make everything run more smoothly, draft a schedule so everyone will clearly know their expectations throughout the day. 

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